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starlink maritime

Starlink Maritime arrives in Europe with internet for yachts and a monthly cost of $5000

Starlink has launched a version of its satellite internet service for boats. The new offer guarantees a download speed of 350 Mbps and an upload speed of 40 Mbps , for a monthly fee of US$5,000 . To this value is also added the cost of the satellite dish, to be installed on the vessel to receive the service, which is US$10,000. The values ​​adjusted for euros are not yet available on the company’s website. starlink maritime

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Elon Musk’s residential SpaceX service offering has a different cost profile. The receiver costs 649 euros in Portugal and the monthly fee for the service is 99 euros, but contrary to what happens in this modality, at Starlink Marítima, the customer can put the service on pause when there is no use. That is, if you activate one month, you will have to pay the full monthly fee, but if you do not intend to use it in the following month, you can lock the monthly fee.

Technically there are also differences. As Elon Musk already had the opportunity to explain, quotes Engadget, the service is supported on high-performance terminals that allow maintaining connectivity on the high seas, even in extreme situations, such as storms and strong winds.

The official also guarantees that, in addition to reliability, price is a differentiating factor of the new offer and reveals that Space-X pays US$150,000 per month to enjoy a worse service on its ships.

The service is already available in Europe, where the exception goes to the coasts of Norway, Finland and Sweden.  It can also be used off the coast of the United States, Brazil, Chile and part of the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

For now, it is only accessible in coastal areas – coverage can be confirmed on the Starlink website, but the company guarantees that the objective is to make it a connectivity option for the most remote areas of the oceans. Extending coverage to new locations advances in the last quarter of this year and into the next year.

Starlink Marítima is an offer designed for yachts, boats, ships or oil platforms , as the brand exemplifies. The launch comes days after Space-X received authorization from the US regulator to provide its internet service, supported by the constellation of satellites it already has in orbit, to any moving vehicle .

SpaceX highlights reliability and resistance and in a tweet indicates that in addition to withstanding heavy rain, cold and extreme heat and winds of more than 30 knots, the solution even resists the landing of rockets, sharing a video captured on one of the company’s platforms on sea ​​during a landing.

SpaceX in May introduced a $135-per-month service targeted toward RV owners who want to move their service from place to place.

SpaceX has launched a constellation of some 2,000 Starlink satellites that beam internet to roughly 250,000 users.

The company already had some specific authorizations to operate in this type of context, but the FCC authorization removes the restrictions and opens the way to a more comprehensive execution of the strategy that has always been at the base of the project – to reach the internet anywhere in the world. Soon it is likely that more news will appear, associated with other means of transport. starlink maritime


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