Starlink is testing a new $200/month Global Roaming service

The new internet service could let Starlink users connect from almost anywhere in the world

SpaceX is expanding its Starlink services worldwide, offering global roaming for $200 a month. The company emailed its customers in locations that don’t have access to Starlink internet service yet and invited them to try the internet service out.

Starlink is testing its new “Global Roaming Service,” which will cost $599 for hardware in addition to the $200 a month plan payment. It will allow users to connect their Starlink from “almost anywhere in the world.”

Starlink Global Roaming service message

The service is expected to deliver typical high-speed, “low-latency service intermixed with brief periods of poor connectivity, or none at all”, said the Starlink note. But it added that the service will improve over time.

Starlink is yet to get regulatory approvals from countries including India, Pakistan, and Cambodia and is completely unavailable in others. But PCMag reports that Starlink is offering the Global Roaming service to some users outside the company’s coverage areas.

The Verge notes that Starlink already allows users to travel with their dishes but the new service might come with fewer limitations. The current USD 135 per month Starlink RV plan lets users fit their RVs with Starlink’s hardware for internet access while traveling. It also comes with a pricier dish option for accessing Starlink internet on the go but is available in limited areas around the world.

Current Starlink RV plan users can use their setups abroad, though the global roaming service will seemingly cover more territories compared to the RV plan which goes for $135/€124 but is limited to use on the same continent.

Starlink Global Roaming

Starlink also offers an add-on for Portability that costs $25 a month. This is available for residential customers who already pay the $110 subscription. It allows them to travel with an internet connection within their home continent.

It also seems like the Global Roaming option is still too good to be true, especially with its price considering that Starlink’s Maritime plan costs $5000 for internet access at sea. But then again, residential internet services differ from portable ones, as well as connectivity on land and sea.

Details provided for the Global Roaming option for Starlink are limited, so it’s hard to determine whether the plan only accommodates residential satellite internet service or if it will function like the portable internet service since it is accessible anywhere on land.





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