Telecom Expense Management for the Middle Market: SpyCare

The SpyGlass Group, LLC announced, the launch of its SpyCare™ service; a revolutionary cost management package that brings world class telecom expense management (TEM) services to the middle market.

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Having performed over 12,000 telecom audit engagements since its inception in 2001, SpyGlass saw a need for ongoing management and reporting services for a tremendously underserved market. SpyCare is a best-of-breed managed service that combines the power of automated wireless expense management tools, custom-developed cloud software, and human capital to bring a suite of benefits to its client base that support its ongoing financial health.

Traditional TEM services are complex, expensive, and require significant time and effort from the client in order to successfully deploy and operate. They are also not geared toward use in the middle market. SpyCare provides a simpler approach to communications cost management that is report-driven and provides actionable guidance for financial and IT executives to artfully interact to realize savings quickly and regularly” says Brad Clark, co-founder and Co-President of SpyGlass. Ed DeAngelo, also Co-Founder and Co-President adds, “We were often asked by our clients at the end of our telecom audit engagements ‘How can we make sure this cost center doesn’t get out of control again?’ SpyCare is the answer to that question.”

A recent survey of over 400 SpyGlass clients illustrated the need for access to telecom pricing information and assistance with mobility control as critical needs in the middle market. “When we looked for software packages to provide these needs, we found no single package provided a full solution geared toward the middle market, so we developed a custom cloud database and coupled that with leading wireless expense management software to address the needs our clients were describing.” asserts Clark.

Further enhancing cost-center control, SpyCare provides clients with critical benchmark pricing information so they are better equipped to make buying decisions within the telecom space and with access to a billing helpdesk that provides immediate analyst access to answer any questions on individual telecom bills.


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