Expense Splitting App

Splittr – Expense Splitting App

Every time you add an expense to the app, you can tag whomever in the group participated. At the end of your trip, Splittr will generate a final bill for each traveler, calculating exactly who owes who and how much. Expense Splitting App

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To spare you from the math, it even has an integrated currency conversion to make money-matters headache-free.

Simply add expenses as you go and Splittr will tell you who is next to pay and who owes whom how much. Expense Splitting App

Invite your friends and everybody can enter expenses.

– Works offline
– Syncs with friends
– No registration needed
– All currencies supported
– Categorize your expenses (custom categories available)
– PDF and CSV export
– Statistics about your group
– Super fast and easy user interface
– Intelligent equalization payment algorithm that minimizes the number of transactions
– You can split expenses unevenly if purchasers paid different amounts or if certain participants benefited more or less from the expense
– Automatic backups

Use case: Imagine you are on a trip with two friends: Emma and Daniel. You pay $100 for gas for the trip. Anyone with a calculator can divide that price three ways, but even then, you’d normally have to keep a record of the expense in order to divvy it up later. With Splittr, this expense is entered in a couple of seconds and divided equally with little time or effort.

Imagine that later, you, Emma and Daniel go to a restaurant. You’re not hungry, so you only order juice. Daniel orders a steak and a cheesecake. Emma gets a spinach salad. The bill is $80. Daniel forgot his wallet in the hotel room and doesn’t pay, but you chip in $60 and Emma pays $20. You need a math degree to calculate who owes what, right? Not with Splittr! Simply enter who paid how much and Splittr will do the rest.

It’s that simple!


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