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New Telekom Speedbox: Fast Wi-Fi always on hand

Deutsche Telekom introduces the next generation of portable Wi-Fi routers with the new Speedbox. The high-speed mobile hotspot can be used anywhere in Germany to set up an internet connection via the LTE mobile communications network, offering download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s.

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The new router is a modern white and its shape is now sleeker and slimmer than the first generation. This makes it perfect to take with you on the go. No matter if you’re in your hotel room, second home, or out camping – with the Speedbox, it is just as simple and secure for customers to get online as at home. The device has a battery life of three and a half hours.

Fast Wi-Fi available in a flash

No matter where you are, the high-speed hotspot is ready to go straightaway thanks to Plug & Play. Simply switch it on, connect it to the mains, and your laptop or PC will already be able to connect to the internet via LAN or Wi-Fi. With the Speedbox, up to 64 devices can access the internet all at once. The router gains access to the mobile communications network via a micro-SIM card.

MagentaMobil Speedbox rates to match

Frequent users and occasional browsers can all get their money’s worth with the Speedbox. It is available with two different rates. Customers receive 100 GB of data for use within Germany for 38.94 euros per month with the MagentaMobil Speedbox rate. The Speedbox router itself costs a one-off charge of 0.97 euros. The contract term is 24 months. Additional data volume can be added using the SpeedOn option, if necessary.

The MagentaMobil Speedbox Flex rate is perfect for occasional use. The customer pays no basic price for the rate. Data packages valid for 31 days can be booked for occasional use. The one-time provision fee is 38.94 euros. A one-off charge of 97.43 euros applies for the Speedbox router.


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