Sparkle And Mobileum Partner To Provide Enhanced Connectivity And Roaming Solutions

The two companies will offer solutions based on security services and advanced analytics in a unique intelligence infrastructure aimed at mobile operators worldwide

Sparkle and Mobileum have partnered to provide integrated roaming and security services to mobile operators worldwide.

With the growing complexity of today’s mobile networks, which will be amplified by the rollout of 5G, mobile operators need to monitor, analyze, and detect security breaches and anomalies before they impact the end-user. At the same time, it is essential for them to rely on advanced analytics capabilities to reduce costs and maximize revenues and customer experience.

Thanks to this partnership, built upon a long-standing relationship in the field of roaming value-added services, Sparkle and Mobileum are able to offer mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) a unique intelligence infrastructure to support secure roaming services such as end-to-end IPX connectivity, data roaming, signaling security services for SS7, Diameter and GTP, and analytics-based roaming solutions.

Services are delivered through an integrated next-generation platform that covers a broad range of connectivity scenarios, from VoLTE to IoT to 5G. In addition, by providing a state-of-the-art cloud platform that can also be deployed on-premises, Sparkle and Mobileum are able to offer a highly flexible value proposition, both from an architectural and business model perspective.

Commenting on the agreement, Michele Campriani, Chief Sales Officer of Mobileum, says, “This partnership represents a new era in the relationship between Sparkle and Mobileum. Sparkle’s global connectivity and service portfolio and Mobileum’s proven Active Intelligence platform are complementary solutions that, when paired together, create a unique intelligence infrastructure that supports a rich set of secure roaming services.

By partnering with Mobileum, we enhance our service portfolio and act as a real solution provider on top of providing pure connectivity,” added Mario Pastore, Chief Revenue Officer of Sparkle. “We are confident that this will be a fruitful and successful new page in the history of Sparkle as a supplier for Mobile Operators globally.

Mobileum is a leading provider of Telecom analytics for roaming, security and risk management and end-to-end domestic and roaming testing solutions. More than 900 operators rely on its Active Intelligence platform to increase roaming revenues, to improve network security, to minimize risk and to ensure active testing and monitoring.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobileum has global offices in Belgium, Dubai, Germany, India, Portugal, Singapore and UK.

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