Spanish football club Real Murcia launches new MVNO

Spanish football club Real Murcia has launched a new MVNO service called Movilgrana on the Yoigo and Orange network, reports Movilonia.


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The service is backed by the MobilFree of IT chain Tecnyshop and offers similar mobile and fibre plans including ‘Hazlotoyo’ with 9GB of data and unlimited calls for EUR 9.90, rising to 15GB for EUR 14.90 (‘Masvivo’) and 25GB for EUR 19.90 a month (‘Comounasolaalma’).

Murcian club fans have at their disposal a wide range of rates for both mobile and fiber optic only. In the latter case, users can choose between a connection of 100Mbps for 29.99 euros per month or 600Mbps in exchange for a monthly outlay of 44.99 euros.

These are the MovilGrana rates:

First nameMobile InternetMinutesMonthly fee
#SoygranaUnlimited€ 7.90
#Hazlotuyo9GBUnlimited€ 9.90
#More alive15GBUnlimited€ 14.90
#Comounasolaalma25GBUnlimited€ 19.90


In addition, of these alternatives, with Movilgrana users have at their disposal a selection of shared packages, where a customer can combine several mobile lines with GB to share.

First nameMobile InternetMinutesMonthly fee
#Agrancegrana15GBUnlimited€ 19.9
#Sosrealmurcia25GBUnlimited€ 24.9
#Corazonpimentonero30GBUnlimited€ 29.9
#Noseeligesesiente50GBUnlimited€ 39.9

In all rates you can share the mobile Internet capacity with up to 2 additional lines.

With all this, it should be noted that, as a welcome offer, the company gives 3GB for three months to all those users who hire an operator line until January 15.

It is not the only gift since, as a novelty, each client that contracts a Movilgrana rate can have the Tyco alarm service with free installation.

Real Murcia MVNO is not a unique case. Already in July 2017 , Betismóvil , the first telephone operator linked to a football team, was released. Also more than ten years ago, the Football Club Barcelona was about to launch Movi-Barça by the Spanish subsidiary of Kpn, a company that launched brands such as Simyo or Blau.

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