Spanish Digi Mobil includes EU roaming in all plans

Spanish MVNO Digi Mobil said EU data roaming is available in all of its mobile plans effective immediately.
Digi Mobile secured authorisation from regulator CNMC in 2017 to opt out of the EU’s ‘roam like home’ data rules on economic grounds and later introduced a EUR 0.04/MB charge for clients travelling in the zone.
Digi Mobil roaming clients will be able to navigate in the European Union with two modalities: price per MB consumed or with Naveg @ Europa.
  • Customers who want to browse have the possibility to activate an option in which they will be billed according to what they browse, with 0.004 € being the amount per mega-consumed.
  • For those who prefer to control their spending, we offer Naveg @ Europa, which allows browsing 500 MB for € 2. This product can be combined with any of our Combos or Naveg @ s, and can be contracted as many times as needed.
  • Both modes can be activated by dialing * 122 # once the customer is roaming within the EU

It is important to remember that Digi Mobil Combos include calls to Germany, France or other EU countries, from Spain or from any other EU country, discounting the minutes of the product that the client has contracted.

Digi Mobil Combos include calls from Spain to France, from France to Spain, from Germany to France, that is, from any EU country to most of the EU countries, and in case of not enjoying a Combo, the price to call mobile in any of these combinations is only 6 cents per minute and for fixed, 2 cents per minute.

If you are travelling abroad and need SIM card choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get eSIM.


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