Spaniards pay EUR 228 on average for smartphone

The average amount spent by Spanish consumers on a smartphone rose to EUR 228 in the year to September, up from EUR 192 a year earlier, according to a report from Kantar Spain.
The study revealed that a total of 39.2 percent of handsets sold in the country are in the EUR 100 to EUR 200 range, far ahead of the 18.3 percent that come in the EUR 200 to EUR 300 range.
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The latest sales data of smartphones of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveal that in the three months that ended in September 2017, the iOS share grew almost 5 points in Spain to reach a share of 11.2%.
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Android, on the other hand, falls 4.5 points in the same period. Apple also grows in the United States and in urban China, while Android gains weight significantly in markets such as the United Kingdom.

“That Apple maintains or increases participation in its key regions is impressive, considering that the iPhone X was not yet available during the analyzed period,” explains Sunnebo. In Spain, although the iPhone 7 went on sale last year two weeks before the iPhone 8 this year (September 28 compared to September 14), Apple’s sales have been higher in the three months that end in September.

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