Spain’s Digi Mobil authorised to apply EU roaming surcharges

Spanish communications regulator CNMC has authorised MVNO Digi Mobil to opt out of the roam-like-at-home requirement in the EU on grounds of economic viability. However, the watchdog said Digi Mobil would only be allowed to apply surcharges for roaming throughout the continent over a period of 12 months and at a lower rate than requested. Starting 01 January 2018 the MVNO will be allowed to apply a maximum roaming charge of EUR 0.0179 a minute for outgoing calls, EUR 0.01 per SMS sent and EUR 0.0034 per MB of data.

Exceptional cases, according to European regulations:

“The Roaming Regulation” of the EU approved in 2017 regulates the procedure and conditions that must be taken into account when authorizing the surcharge requested by a company when offering these services. Among others, it is the one that is not able to recover its total costs, real and foreseen, for the provision of regulated roaming services at retail equivalent or superior to 3% of the margin of its mobile services.

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After carrying out the analysis of the case raised by Digimobil, the CNMC considered that the 12-month revenue and cost forecasts justified by the operator present a negative net margin of more than 3%.

Once the twelve month period authorized by the operator has elapsed, in the event that Digimobil wishes to continue applying the aforementioned surcharges, it must inform the CNMC again at least two months in advance.

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