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South Korea: Pass Mobile ID Expands to 7 Airlines

Smart boarding through PASS, an identity authentication service provided by Korea‘s major telecom carriers, is now available at Korean Air Lines Co. and Jin Air Co. South Korea smart boarding

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The three major telecommunications carriers – SK Telecom Co., KT Corp., and LG Uplus Corp. – and the Korea Airports Corp. announced Wednesday that Korean Air and Jin Air were added as partner airlines for PASS smart boarding tickets, which allows Korean travelers to use the PASS app to authenticate both their ID and boarding pass at 14 airports nationwide.

What is the Pass App?

The Pass App is a South Korean mobile ID system designed to streamline various processes, including airline travel. It allows users to store personal information, like biometrics and passport data, for fast and convenient identity verification.

With the recent addition of Korean Air and Jin Air, the PASS smart boarding service is now available to passengers on seven airlines. Previously, the service was available to passengers traveling on Jejuair Co., T’way Air Co., Eastar Jet Co., Air Seoul, and High Air Co.

A total of 225,000 people had used PASS smart boarding as of the end of February 2024, with the service available for domestic flights since August 2023.

The smart boarding service generates a QR code within the PASS application based on the PASS mobile ID and boarding pass, and passengers can present the QR code for authentication when boarding their flights. It has the same effect as a traditional boarding pass in all situations where a boarding pass is required, including airport procedures, ID verification, duty-free shopping, and boarding. South Korea smart boarding

Passengers wishing to use the smart boarding ticket can register their national ID card or driver‘s license in the “Mobile ID” menu of each telco’s PASS app and agree to the “Smart Ticket Service” terms and conditions.

The three telcos and the airport company plan to expand the number of partner airlines by adding Asiana Airlines Inc. to the PASS Smart Boarding Service partners later in 2024.

Benefits of Using Pass App for Airlines

  • Faster Boarding: Pass App can expedite the boarding process for passengers
  • Enhanced Security: The app’s use of biometrics may add an extra layer of security
  • Contactless Experience: Promotes a touchless travel experience, potentially reducing health concerns.

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