South Korea, Denmark to trial maritime cloud service

South Korea and Denmark plans to test a maritime safety and communications system, which they are jointly developing to make it a global standard, Yonhap news agency reports.

The test co-administered with Denmark`s Maritime Authority was designed to evaluate the performance of e-navigation and the maritime cloud, an international information sharing system, to enable continuous and reliable exchanges between ships and safety agencies through satellites, LTE and other communication means.

Such communication so far has been mostly done through analog devices, creating communications limits depending on the ship`s nationality and communication devices used. The introduction of e-navigation and the maritime cloud will help overcome these constraints and deliver standardized navigation safety information in a fast and correct manner, according to the ministry.

South Korea launched a project to develop a Korean version of e-navigation in 2014 and subsequently signed partnership agreements with Denmark and Sweden to jointly develop a global standard in the international information sharing system.

Korean and Danish researchers succeeded in using the maritime cloud to relay real-time navigation safety information to South Korean vessels late last year.
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