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Smart Eye Launches Unique Privacy Platform

Screen snoopers beware! Smart Eye Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals protect their screens and private, confidential files from prying eyes.

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Now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, Smart Eye offers the most advanced multilevel biometric security that ensures screen privacy and user-to-user document security in one comprehensive platform across any device.

In today’s work-from-anywhere culture, millions of files, including invoices, intellectual property, and financial information, are shared every day through non-secure channels such as mobile devices, making it more important to protect against all forms of cybercrime. Through multilevel biometric verification and continuous facial recognition, the Smart Eye platform prevents document leaks, fraud, and forgery as well as visual hacking.


“Nobody should have to worry about someone looking over their shoulder or unauthorized users gaining access to sensitive documents such as photos, invoices, and contracts—it’s none of their business,” said Dexter Caffey, Founder of Smart Eye Technology. “Smart Eye has created a new sector in cybersecurity technology to ensure that screens and documents are protected at all times, finally giving businesses and individuals the peace of mind they deserve.” 

When a user views a document on their phone in the Smart Eye app and someone comes into view of the screen, a warning sign pops up blocking their view and alerting the user. When sharing documents through SmartEye, access is authenticated through multiple levels of biometrics, including:

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition

The sender also has complete control over whether the document can be downloaded or shared, how long the recipient has access, and whether to terminate access even after the document has been sent.

Smart Eye is also adding credibility to the e-signature. Many businesses today use e-signature platforms that lack critical verification of the signatory. Smart Eye’s platform requires contracts and agreements to be signed electronically to be verified by the intended signer through facial recognition and by comparing the user to a photo ID on file. This ensures only the intended signer can complete the form.

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