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slovenia communication cost

Average Slovenian spend on communications in October was €35.40 per person

A survey conducted by regulator Akos in October 2019 revealed that the monthly average Slovenian household expenditure on electronic communication services in October 2019 was EUR 76.13, or EUR 35.40 per person. slovenia communication cost

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Significantly, 44.7 percent of respondents (22.7% in 2018) said that, due to high costs, they were already considering suspending or canceling services, or switching to a cheaper package for all or some services. The key factors in choosing a Slovenia ISP or package are price, quality of service and content.

Slovenia’s fixed-line telecom market remains dominated by Telekom Slovenije through regulatory efforts to develop competition in the sector are having an effect. The Group suffered from declining revenue following the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 and only showed growth again in 2017. To diversify its business interests and lessen the reliance pure telecom services the company has expanded into the electricity and insurance sectors, capitalizing on its extensive customer base. In response to competition, the telco has also followed the path of many European incumbents and developed an international presence, focused predominantly on the Balkans region where it is becoming a regional provider of IT and multimedia services.

Slovenia’s competitive mobile market has four mobile network operators and a small number of mobile virtual network operators, operating in a country with a potential market of just over two million people. The regulator in recent years has addressed the need for mobile operators for more spectrum, conducting a series of auctions. Mobile spectrum licenses have stipulated population coverage and data rate targets.

The broadband market continues to be dominated by a small number of players, including the incumbent telco as well as Telemach and T-2. DSL remains the most popular platform though its market share is being eroded by the steady development of fiber-based networks, as well as by upgraded cable networks. slovenia communication cost

This report offers a variety of statistics and an overview of Slovenia’s fixed-line telecoms market, covering the major players, regulatory measures and developments in fixed-line infrastructure. In addition, the report covers the mobile voice and data sectors, including updates on operators and regulatory developments. The report also reviews the fixed-line broadband market, highlighting major players and industry developments and including subscriber forecasts.



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