Slovakia 4ka announced their roaming offer too

As the last of the mobile providers, 4ka has announced what rules will apply to its customers after 15 June, when the roaming charges in the EU are to be officially abolished.

There is nothing to change with prepaid cards. So far, on a prepaid card, minute calls, SMS and 1 MB have 0.04 euros.

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Calling in the EU countries will be free of charge, so far, the operator charged a fee of 0.01 euro per minute.

1 GB of data package per euro will not be valid in the EU – it will only be available in the Slovak Republic in the 4K network. Recall that other competitors will be able to use the services at prices at home. Telecom, O2, Orange and Tesco mobile have already announced this.

4ka does not cancel roaming completely

The fourth provider also announced that it would not allow the use of TO packages in EU countries under “home” conditions.

It can be said, therefore, that the regulation ordered by the EU – this is probably the case with only the prepaid card Moja 4ka as the basic offer. Everything else is alternative, which does not need to be regulated, as the customer has activated it voluntarily.

“In Slovakia, the customer can activate one of the advantageous new” TO “packages for Moja 4ka. In addition, since the middle of June, in the countries of the Union, we have reduced the cost per quarter to those who activate the EU DATA package for My Myth 4th World. For 5 euros, Quarterbirds receive up to 500MB of data for 15 days, “explains the operator.

4ka said that its services are used by more than 380,000 clients

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