Slovak Telekom tests Wi-Fi on airlines

Mobile operator Slovak Telekom has launched a pilot project for Wi-Fi services on airlines. The service under the Beta brand is currently available for customers during flights of the air carriers Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Eurowings.

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The service will be free during the testing period until the end of February 2020. Wi-Fi service will be available at up to 600 kbps speed. All subscribers using fixed and mobile services from Slovak Telekom will be able to use the service during this period. Data volume and time of use are unlimited.

Customers need to be connected to postpaid tariffs and use the service management app. The new version of the application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Slovak telekom wi-fi after boarding:

  • Internet on Beta only works when WiFi is available on board the aircraft.
  • Turn on Flight mode (Airplane mode) on your phone .
  • Turn on WiFi on your phone, leaving your airplane mode on.
  • Your phone will automatically connect to the WiFi network on the plane.
  • The Internet is not yet operational – for safety reasons, the Internet is not operational until the aircraft has reached flight altitude.
  • When you reach your flight altitude, the Telekom app will automatically connect you to the Internet. You will be notified about successful connection.
  • You can now surf for free.
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