Slovak Telekom stops EU Non Stop roaming package

Slovak Telekom has stopped connecting new customers to its “EU Non Stop” roaming package. Customers who have already connected to the package awill be able to continue using it. Slovak Telekom EU Non Stop roaming

The package made it possible to spend calls, messages and, to a limited extent, data abroad even during long-term stays. The client avoided the surcharge if he activated EU Nonstop for 8 euros per month.

“Our company has suspended new activations for the EU Nonstop service. Existing customers can continue to use it for the time being, “confirmed Michal Korec, a spokesman for Telekom, for Živé.sk.

No surcharges abroad Slovak Telekom EU Non Stop roaming

Normally, the operator can monitor the consumption of clients for four months on the basis of regulation. It means for Slovak services that you have to be in Slovakia for at least half of the time. In particular, you must make more than 50 percent of calls, SMS and data traffic in the Slovak Republic. If the client did not meet the conditions, the client’s operator notified and started charging surcharges. This applies to the three largest operators, the 4 have no surcharges, but offer less data abroad.

The EU Nonstop package from Telekom dealt with situations where the client lives or works abroad for a long time – he did not have to deal with a foreign SIM card, for example. After the new one, such people will have to look for another solution.

Telekom does not say directly why it canceled the activation. “Overall, we can state that so far this service has not met our expectations and we will analyze it in the future,” Korec added.


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