Slovak Telekom provides 5G roaming in 28 countries

More countries and networks have been added

Slovak Telekom has expanded the number of countries where its customers can connect to the 5G roaming network. In total, there are nine new states, and in some countries new partners have been added. slovak telekom 5g roaming

Specifically, Belgium (Orange), Ireland (Eir), Canada (Bell and Telus),  Latvia (LMT), Luxembourg (Orange),  Oman (Omantel), Spain (Orange), Italy (TIM) and Thailand (AIS) were added.

In two countries, additional partners have been added – in Croatia it is Telemach and in Germany it is O2.

Until now, Telekom offered 5G roaming in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria – Vivacom
  • Bahrain – Zain
  • Cyprus – Epic
  • Croatia – Telekom
  • Denmark – Telia
  • Estonia – Telia
  • Finland – Telia
  • Netherlands – T-Mobile
  • Hungary – Telekom
  • Norway – Telia
  • Sweden – Telia
  • Portugal – NOS
  • Czech Republic – T-Mobile
  • Germany – Telekom
  • Poland – T-Mobile
  • Slovenia – Telemachus
  • United Arab Emirates – Etisalat
  • Austria – Magenta Telekom
  • Greece – Cosmote


Orange and O2 offer 5G roaming in 32 countries. 4ka has it in 29 states. slovak telekom 5g roaming

Roaming charges in Zone 4 (Roaming on ships, airplanes and satellite operators) slovak telekom 5g roaming

In the case of satellite networks and networks operated on ships and planes (so-called non-terrestrial networks, i.e. roaming zone 4), increased fees apply for voice and data roaming , namely €3.94/min outgoing call, €1.95/min incoming call , or €10 for transferred 1 MB of data . Roaming zone 4 also does not apply Internet roaming data packages abroad , so you have only two options for accessing data – a local WiFi network or mobile data via your SIM card with the above-mentioned tariff of €10/MB including VAT.

If you want to have your operation under control , or to completely avoid charged fees for calls or data , we recommend the following options:

  • In the mobile phone settings, turn off the “Data roaming” item , or turn off “Mobile data” completely. You will only have access to data via available WiFi networks.
  • Set the immediate forwarding of incoming calls (to the mailbox or to another phone number). However, it is important to set up immediate (so-called unconditional) redirection. If you set conditional forwarding because you are busy, unavailable or do not answer, you pay not only for the incoming call to roaming, but also for the outgoing call from roaming to the forwarded number.
  • Set up manual selection of the mobile network operator in your mobile phone. In this case, you always have an overview of which network you are connected to.
  • Setting the flight mode in the mobile phone. In this case, you will be completely disconnected from the mobile network and will not be able to carry out any mobile traffic (calls, data, SMS).

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