Sleepods available at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport launched a new service for travelers that want to get some rest at the airport whenever they want – sleepods at Istanbul airport.

A sleep pod is a one or sometimes two-person capsule for sleeping and rest. If often has power sockets, a reading light and other features. Sleep pods in airports are similar to those of capsule hotels – a type of hotel developed in Japan. Now these Japanese-style sleep pods can be found all around the world, and now also they are also coming to the Istanbul airport.



IGA Sleepod provides travelers with a special private place to enjoy a good rest with its special prices, easy use, and easily accessible location at the calmest spots of the airport.

One-hour usage of the IGA Sleepod at Istanbul airport is €9 including VAT. Travelers can also get Blanket, Pillow, Pillow Case for only an additional €2.

Since hygiene is kept in the foreground, disposable sheets will be provided free of charge to every passenger.

The materials used will be sent to dry cleaning after each use by the personnel in charge.

The number of sleepods or capsule hotels at airports is increasing as the business travel market continues to grow.

The international business travel market is growing and evolving at such a rapid rate that travellers are starting to expect the possibility of reserving smart sleep spaces at airports before and after flights.

The Global Business Travel Association Foundation estimates there were nearly 503 million business trips in 2016 in the United States, compared to 488 million in the previous year. Figures show it accrues a global spend of $1.23tn and this figure is set to rise by 7% in 2019.

In 2017, United Kingdom’s business travel spending reached approximately $50.04bn, and in the US, which is one of the world’s leading markets, it reached $283.62bn.

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