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New Skyscanner Study Reveals Spontaneous Travel As Secret To Uk Travellers’ Happiness

Following some two-and-a-half years of pandemic travel restrictions, leading travel company Skyscanner reveals the latest research into the psychology behind spontaneity and the benefits of spontaneous travel in association with an esteemed psychologist, Emma Kennyskyscanner uk

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Find out more about Skyscanner’s findings and Skyscanner’s flights below.

The pandemic’s effect on travel spontaneity: skyscanner uk

Savvy UK travellers have long taken pride in being adventurous at heart with two-thirds of respondents (62%) considering themselves spontaneous. But the last two-and-a-half years have knocked their spontaneous streak with 61% agreeing that the pandemic limited their ability to be spontaneous. Just under two-thirds (61%) of respondents say that the pandemic has made them want to be even more spontaneous, and 29% specifically called out travel as an area of life in which they want to do that.


Spontaneous and flexible holidays the new travel norm:

Over a third of respondents (32%) have booked a trip to a destination they know nothing about, revealing spontaneous and flexible holidays as the new travel norm. 34% have arrived at an airport without a destination in mind and booked there and then to get away. 36% of respondents have previously booked a spontaneous holiday with a third (34%) stating that it felt more exciting.

  • Spontaneous trips are the most popular bookings on Skyscanner – bookings made 7 – 29 days before departure date have increased by 12% since pre-pandemic
  • Bookings made 1 week before the departure date have also increased by 14% since 2019
  • UK travellers embraced spontaneity this summer with spontaneous trips booked 1 week before departure spiking to 15% of all bookings in July
Spontaneity good for the mind and wallet: skyscanner uk

Skyscanner’s flight pricing data shows that being flexible with where and when you travel is the key to unlocking the best prices. With 10 billion prices searched every single day, an ‘Everywhere’ search on Skyscanner for October reveals great value flights from as little as £17 to Europe this weekend.

  • Analysis of bookings made on Skyscanner shows that booking 2 weeks before travelling can be up to 44% cheaper than booking 12 weeks from departure**

Emma, an NHS worker in her mid-thirties swears by the benefits of spontaneous holidays: “Work is busy and demanding and I need time on holiday that is just for me where I can please myself. Most of the time, I only book my trips a few weeks before I go, and I spend the minimum amount of time possible booking.
“I definitely prefer to just get on with booking a trip and make it happen. I don’t like getting lost in over-researching and over-preparing. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole, which could stop me from booking altogether!”

The benefits of spontaneous travel according to psychologist Emma Kenny: “One common stress is the decision-making involved in the holiday planning process. This is why forgoing the methodical organisation that so often goes hand in hand with a planned holiday and instead choosing to enjoy an impromptu break can be so liberating.
“Nothing is quite as thrilling as seeing a new place for the first time, and the excitement and instant gratification that comes with that. 
“Whilst it may seem scary to just pack a bag and hop on a plane to take a chance on an unknown destination, you will psychologically benefit as this creates a ‘can do’ attitude and will remind you of the limitless possibilities that are out there. And because you have no clear set agenda or plans, every step you take will involve a sense of adventure, which is truly freeing.”

Skyscanner’s expert travel tips for booking a spontaneous trip: skyscanner uk

  • Consider ‘Everywhere’: An ‘Everywhere’ search on Skyscanner is a great starting point for your next spontaneous breakaway! Ordered by price, an ‘everywhere’ search can inspire you to go somewhere you’ve never been before. In fact, ‘Everywhere’ is currently the most searched ‘destination’ for UK travellers on Skyscanner right now.”
  • Flex those dates: “Searching by multiple dates and airports will give you the best chance of a bargain. Flight prices are all based on supply and demand. Because some dates are more popular than others, prices will vary. The ‘whole month’ search tool allows you to see cheap flights at a glance and pick the right deal for you. Consider travelling a day before or a day after your original departure dates, flying on less popular days of the week is always cheaper.”
  • Mix & Match to save €: “Being flexible in mixing and matching the airlines you choose to fly with can seriously cut costs. Fares don’t have to be booked as returns, look at flying out with one airline and back with another or out of one airport and back into another.”
  • Find a spontaneous friend: “If you struggle to be spontaneous and you know that you need that extra push to get you out of your comfort zone, enlist the help of your partner, best mate or parent. Get them to plan some fun trips away and agree that they will only tell you where you are going a few hours before you need to set off!

Brits are in with a chance to win their own spontaneous trip abroad this month with Skyscanner:

With a desire to help people rediscover the joy of spontaneous travel, Skyscanner’s NOMOFOMO campaign is the antidote to social media-fuelled FOMO. Through a series of exciting giveaways, Skyscanner social media followers have the chance to win a number of holidays that will help remind them how easy it is to get back out there and embrace their impulsive side – just head to @skyscanner on Instagram and Facebook.

About Skyscanner UK

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