Significant reduction of data roaming prices between Western Balkans and EU to start as of 1 October 2023

Western Balkan countries confirm end to EU roaming fees by late 2023. An agreement to eliminate roaming fees for mobile calls and internet between countries in the Western Balkans and the European Union will go into effect by the end of 2023.  Western Balkans data roaming prices

At the EU-Western Balkans Summit held in Tirana, the telecommunications operators from the European Union (EU) and the Western Balkans signed a Roaming Declaration enabling the reduction of the roaming charges between the EU and the Western Balkans as of 1 October 2023.

Olivér Várhelyi, Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, said: “I welcome the declaration signed today by the EU and Western Balkan’s telecom operators and their commitment to start the first reductions in October 2023.

Digital transition for the EU and its partners is at the forefront of our Connectivity agenda. Making mobile telecommunication services affordable and accessible is fundamental to this transition. As we are reducing roaming charges between the EU and the region, we bring people and businesses closer together. Our objective is that when you visit us or when we visit you, we all feel more and more at home.  This is the real integration of the Western Balkans we should all work for.”

This is the start of the process aiming to achieve a substantial reduction of roaming charges for data on 1 October 2023 and further reductions leading to prices close to domestic prices. Every Western Balkan and EU telecommunications operator, signatory of the Declaration, will consider introducing retail rate plans and options, with lower charges for their roaming users in other mobile networks with the first significant reduction of data roaming prices as of 1 October 2023.

It is important that policymakers in the Western Balkans accelerate the implementation of policy reforms in the telecom sector, which are in line with the conclusions of the Western Balkans Digital Summit 2022, with the aim of creating a Common Regional Market of the Western Balkans and a more conducive business environment. Western Balkan economies should implement these policy reforms no later than the end of 2023.

Roam Like at Home regimes Western Balkans data roaming prices

Building on the success of the Roam Like at Home regimes in both the EU and the Western Balkans, the purpose of this endeavor is to support mobility and simplify the connectivity of citizens and businesses of the EU and Western Balkans.

The benefits are manifold. This will reduce the cost of roaming for citizens in all of the Western Balkans and the EU while traveling in the region and EU as well as lower business operating costs and encourage doing business outside of their own borders. This initiative is remarkable, especially since it has been done on a voluntary basis between telecommunications operators.

This Declaration is the result of the strong engagement of the EU and Western Balkan’s telecommunications operators and the support of the European Commission, and Regional Cooperation Council, as well as the region’s authorities’ commitment since the entry into force of the Western Balkans Regional Roaming Agreement. Other telecommunication operators both from the EU and the Western Balkans are invited to join the initiative. Roam Like at Home regimes



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