The integration of DALL-E into Shutterstock will be completed in the next few months. In parallel, the platform is preparing to eliminate all images generated by other artificial intelligence solutions, as well as banish the loading of future creations that were not born in the OpenAI tool.

This is the first deal of its kind. It is recalled that Getty Images, Shutterstock’s competitor, opted for a completely different strategy, prohibiting the commercialization of any images of artificial origin.

The company said it has copyright concerns as these images are built on top of existing ones, so splitting commissions can be difficult to get right.

Shutterstock’s decision raises some doubts, especially regarding the payment of authors whose creations will contribute to the development of new images. This is an option that contributes to the integration of autonomous solutions in the creative sector, but its success will define whether it is a standard to be followed or whether it will have to be revised. shutterstock ai