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Given the number of telecom and network services that a typical company uses, and the hundreds or even thousands of monthly invoices that are received, it is next-to-impossible to maintain good visibility into these business expenses. These are expenses which, according to IDC Research, are usually the second largest indirect expense within a company, and third or fourth largest overall! Providing Telecom Expense Management services including: bill audit; bill recovery, inventory asset; billing optimization; strategic planning, contract negotiation & technology consultation. Why to consider Alert? Because we are Independent and Specialized in optimization, negotiation and monitoring of contracts with different suppliers of telecommunications and technologies of the market. This allows to deliver to the clients an important SAVING strategy that is SELF-FINANCING with savings committed with the outcome. With our help you can: save money, create efficiencies, gain competitive advantages & increase productivity. Our expertise is performing cost control audits, identifying billing inaccuracies and improvement of services. Find best package for your company and start getting your ALERT’s today. Each of our clients is very important to us and every one will have an unique approach and relationship. We, at Alert komunikacije, are committed to seeking out solutions that demonstrate quality and value on a individual basis.