Shanghai releases all-in-one transport app to make it easier for travelers

An all-in-one mobile platform for green commuting in Shanghai was launched on Monday, marking an essential step forward for the development of Shanghai’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system. shanghai transport app

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The Suishenxing app, the first metropolitan MaaS platform in the world that is initiated by a government, has achieved its basic functions, including public transportation, taxi hailing and smart parking.

Through its public transportation service, users can enjoy a swipe-for-all pass that includes all codes needed to take public transport. It can now be applied on Shanghai’s 1,560 bus lines, 17 ferry lines, and 11 Metro lines after registering and opening the payment feature on MaaS.

The MaaS will also work with Shencheng Travel, a cab-hailing service, and Shanghai Parking, an app that offers access to 890,000 parking spaces and more than 4,300 parking facilities.

Now MaaS can be used to hail a cab, reserve a parking space, and locate the closest parking lots.

Green travel shanghai transport app

The platform promotes the idea of green travel and is the first app in the city to give consumers the choice of choosing environmentally friendly transportation.

Every registered user will receive green credits after selecting an environmentally beneficial mode of transportation, such as taking the Metro or bus.

Additionally, users can use the credits to swap gifts or play various online games, such as one that involves identifying trees in Shanghai using a digital label that will soon appear online.

The local transportation agencies will continue adding features to the Suishenxing app, as the service is expected to cover the entire Metro system by the end of 2022.

The platform aims to create more intelligent and practical travel options for locals by gradually extending its travel services across the entire Yangtze River Delta and other areas.

The program is also suitable for seniors

Elderly people who have difficulty using smartphones can give their children access to their account information so that they can call a taxi at the touch of a button or scan their faces at locations with digital car sign-in screens.

Instead of disturbing the elderly when the journey is over, the app will charge the person who is bonding with them.


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