Serbia to start rollout of 5G network this year

Serbia will start implementation of a 5G network this year, according to the director of local regulator Ratel, Vladica Tintor.

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Speaking to RTS, he said that 5G technology will benefit not only citizens, but also the economy, primarily the automotive sector, agriculture, safe and smart cities.

Tintor added that optical infrastructure is needed to connect the base stations, while a 5G frequency tender is being planned.

The telecommunications sector in Serbia is one of the most profitable and successful with continuous annual investments of hundreds of millions of euros. Ratel CEO Vladica Tintor states that the quality of services has been drastically improved this year, and that the 5G network is expected to begin next year.

The results are very promising. Revenues in the telecommunications sector are € 1.7 billion. These are huge amounts, reaching from three and a half to four percent of GDP. That is why it is a very important sector for Serbia, “said Vladica Tintor, a guest on the RTS Morning Program.

Tintor says that because of these investments, the sector is constantly improving, and so are new services, such as VOLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) – a common phone conversation with a much shorter connection and better quality of connection – and the introduction of e- sim, which means that there is no longer a physical sim card, but that everything goes electronically.

The development of new technologies has led to the inevitable “dying off” of landline telephony, which is registering fewer and fewer users year after year.

“However, it would be wrong to conclude that what is invested in landline telephony is failing. On the contrary, this infrastructure is used today for the Internet, the transmission of multimedia content, ”said the director of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services.

On the other hand, the quality of service provided by mobile carriers has improved dramatically last year.

Serbia 5G network important to citizens, crucial to the economy

Director Ratel says he expects to continue investing and further improving services next year, and there will certainly be 5G networks among them.

“It is a further improvement of the network, and we as end users will have faster internet with the 5G network. However, the 5G network was created not only because of this, but also to support the economy, which will greatly benefit from it. First of all, we are talking about the auto industry, agriculture, projects like safe and smart cities, ”Tintor explains.

Such a thing requires adequate infrastructure to work on.

“Optical infrastructure is needed to connect the base stations, and as far as frequencies are concerned, we, together with other government agencies, are preparing a tender for 5G technology so that everything will be ready,” Tintor said.


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