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Save money on company telecom bills

Telecom services are the backbone of most businesses, working hard behind the scenes  and your company can not exist without internet, mobiles or good old phones


European businesses are still paying too much for telecommunication services such as telephony (fixed and mobile), text messaging and data usage on mobile devices.

Given the number of telecom and network services that a typical company uses, and the hundreds or even thousands of monthly invoices that are received, it is next-to-impossible to maintain good visibility into these business expenses.

Gartner forecasts that IT spending and communication services in EMEA will total $1.25 trillion in 2017, a 1.9%  increase from 2016.

In our experience and according to most studies, over 80% of telecom bills contain at least one error. Yours aren’t exception.

Telecom Expense Management is necessary for all companies no matter how big they are. Small businesses may be spending disproportionately more for telecom services than larger businesses, according to a US study. Also, some industries spend more than others on telecom services, the study showed. The finance and insurance industry spent the most.

This is a brief overview and description of all telecom consulting services available to your company.

Telecom Audit 

Are you sure that you are paying for the right contracts and services?

Telecom bills can be very complicated and difficult to read and interpret, so it can be difficult to spot billing errors.

If you are not actively reviewing your telecom invoices for accuracy and monitoring your network usage, chances are you are overspending on your communication services by as much as 35%!

We first conduct an audit of your telecom bills to discover opportunities for savings. We then negotiate directly with your vendors to correct errors and get you the best pricing on monthly service.

RFP Administration

The Request for Proposal process can typically reduce rates by 15% to 20% over the enterprise’s current contracts. Before issuing an RFP, however, our sourcing experts work closely with key decision makers in your organization to understand the exact requirements and concerns associated with your telecom project.

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Tender and documentation preparation

We can elaborate on all the needed documentation for a RFP, ensuring that no gaps or lack of data allows for offers and discrepancies thereafter.


We can use our TEM platforms tu simulate and compare each offer in each category accordingly.

Service Optimization

Telecom rates and promotions change all the time, but many companies are stuck wasting money on outdated plans, being billed for service overages or unused usage, and even disconnected services.

Telecom consultants can review your current bills and make sure you’re in the right plan for your business needs.

Contract Negotiation

You don’t have to settle for whatever terms are offered in a telecom contract.

Very often, you can leverage a better deal if you have inside knowledge of what kind of terms are being offered elsewhere in the industry. Few people understand the complicated pricing structures, tariffs and service guides, and rate comparisons are hard to find. A telecom consulting service has the deeper understanding of these issues and can help you negotiate a more favorable contract.

Sourcing & Benchmarking

Sourcing solutions evaluate your current plans and compare them to benchmarked data and your future goals.

Many sourcing solutions can work with a company of any size to cover voice, data, wireless, conferencing and expense management. A 20 percent reduction in total telecom costs is completely attainable.

Telecom Expense Management

Since telecom services are such a major part of your budget, they’re not something you can just think about once and forget. It is very difficult to address all of these telecom issues internally.

In order to become TEM-capable, your company needs a complete solution, including experts and specialized software to analyze telecom bills, rates, plans, and vendor offerings. TEM companies, such as we are, offer complete TEM solutions, tailored to specific requirements and needs.




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