Sao Paulo Football Club launches MVNO

Brazilian football club Sao Paulo has launched the Chip SPFC, a mobile Sim card that provides access to the 4G network and offers unlimited WhatsApp, as well as unlimited internet, even after consuming the contracted data franchise.
The Sim card has been developed in partnership with Dry Company do Brasil and the mobile service is provided as a MVNO.

The fan will have access to Plan 40, which offers 3GB of internet and unlimited calls and SMS to all operators in Brazil. The package can be purchased for R $ 40 per month, but if you are a Supporter, the plan will only cost R $ 35. Take the opportunity and join the Supporter program .

The operation takes place through the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) technology, which is identical to that of conventional telephone and cellular operators, with the difference that it does not have its own network or frequency. Thus, to send data and offer services to its consumers, an MVNO uses the network of any traditional operator interested in establishing this partnership.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the world today is connected to the mobile phone, so it is up to São Paulo to know how to adapt to this reality and find ways to offer services to its fans. With the new SPFC chip, São Paulo will have access to a top-notch product, will help the club and still have access to exclusive advantages. Especially our Supporter, who will get a discount on the plan, “said Chief Marketing Officer, João Fernando Rossi.

São Paulo FC, meets the global movement of approaching and narrowing communication with its fans. Through its MNVO, will have in hand a Big Data that will help, in an innovative way, to create and execute marketing actions and even more accurate relationship, which will bring many benefits to the tricolor fans making him once again the most beloved one, “amended the CEO of Dry Company Brazil, Ronaldo Yoshida.
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