Samsung prepares smartphone leasing offer for Belgian market

Samsung is developing a smartphone leasing offer for the Belgian market, which will launch in 2020, Menno van den Berg, director of Samsung Benelux, said in an interview with L’Echo/De Tijd.

Samsung Leasing

The Samsung Private Lease offer targets demand from millennials and generations Y and Z, who often can afford a device but prefer to pay for the extra service with a premium phone.
Swapfiets, which allows bike leasing with all related services included in the price is a very good example of this. Users of this service do not do this because they can not afford a bike, they pay a monthly fee because the service meets their needs. And that’s exactly where we’re heading too, Mr den Berg added.
He thinks that in the next few years, Belgium smartphone market will continue to increase in terms of valuation, but all of this strongly depends on the speed of deployment of 5G in Belgium.


Den Berg warned about importance of 5G and Belgium’s 5G delay and said “With the delay of 5G, companies will no longer invest in Belgium”

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