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Samsung manufacturing IBM’s new data center chips

International Business Machines Corp announced a new processor chip for data centers that it says will be able to handle three times the workload of its predecessor. samsung chip

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The IBM-designed Power10 chip will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and is meant for use by businesses inside data centers, IBM said.

The IBM POWER10 boasts new hardware-enabled security capabilities like transparent memory encryption and introduces a breakthrough technology called Memory Inception which can improve cloud capacity and economics for memory-intensive workloads. The chip’s new architecture provides 10x, 15x, and 20x faster AI for FP32, BFloat16, and INT8 calculations per socket compared to the IBM POWER9.

Industry watchers believe that IBM may want to capitalize on Intel’s delay in the production of 7nm chips and the company is looking to make the POWER10 available as soon as possible, Meanwhile, Samsung has been putting its 7nm process technology to good use not only for IBM but a few other prominent clients. Just earlier this summer, Samsung won a limited order to manufacture some of NVIDIA’s 7nm GPUs. Those orders were shared with TSMC but IBM made no mention of the Taiwanese semiconductor company in regards to POWER10. Samsung is seemingly the sole manufacturer of its high-performance data center chipset.

The chip will use Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process, which is similar to the 7-nanometer technology that Advanced Micro Devices Inc  uses to have its chips made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd. samsung chip

Cyberattacks are continuing to evolve, and newly discovered vulnerabilities can cause disruptions as organizations wait for fixes. To better enable clients to proactively defend against certain new application vulnerabilities in real-time, IBM POWER10 is designed to give users dynamic execution register control, meaning users could design applications that are more resistant to attacks with minimal performance loss.

Samsung Electronics’ Global Research & Development (R&D) Centers are continuing to trailblaze in their research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Following the granting of several global AI awards and industry recognition to Samsung researchers around the globe, researchers in Poland and China recently won a set of highly prestigious global AI challenges.


Spearheading Speech Translation Research

Samsung R&D Institute Poland and Samsung R&D Institute China-Beijing competed with some of the world’s top universities and research labs to win first place in two separate challenges at the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT), one of the world’s longest-running workshops on automatic language translation. This year, IWSLT joined the Association for Computational Linguistics conference (ACL), a premier conference in the field of computational linguistics, to cover a broad spectrum of research areas that are concerned with computational approaches to natural language.


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