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Samsara Luggage Launches Samsara Direct

Samsara Luggage announced that it has launched the Samsara Direct initiative to expand the company’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) activities by leveraging its digital assets and manufacturing and fulfillment supply chain capabilities. Through Samsara Direct, the company plans to offer additional consumer products that respond to the changing needs of the market. Samsara smart Luggage

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Samsara Direct is the natural extension of the company’s D2C capabilities. With an effective and efficient supply network, Samsara Luggage can continue to market products that keep travelers and commuters protected. Samsara plans to continue to generate significant revenues by increasing its digital marketing assets and strengthening its D2C capabilities.

“Since the end of 2019, we have focused on developing a new marketing strategy that reaches a broader audience and compliments our robust logistics network. This strategy with our expanding marketing assets and supply chain capabilities, has proven beneficial in the changing realities in the marketplace. Most of the company’s marketing is currently directed at the end consumer and its promotional efforts are aimed at the digital world and online sales,” says Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage.


Already known as an innovator in the smart luggage industry (Named “Best Smart Luggage 2019” by Forbes magazine), in March 2020 Samsara Luggage launched the Essentials by Samsara safety kits to address the current demand for protective products. Utilizing its brand name, digital assets and its manufacturing and fulfillment supply chain capabilities, through a strategic marketing effort and utilizing its established supply chain capabilities, Samsara Luggage succeeded in generating significant sales through its Essentials Kit, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samsara Luggage launched the Nano Bag, a weekender bag treated with nanotechnology that prevents harmful bacteria and germs from developing on the bag’s fabric. Samsara Luggage sees the Nano Bag as a shared solution relevant for the current coronavirus pandemic and as travelers continue to want a new level of smart protection in a post-COVID world.

Samsara’s Carry-on offers smart features that keep travelers in-the-know of their suitcases’ whereabouts and seals the contents of the suitcase with a hard-shell casing that is both waterproof and fire resistant. The smart unit connects to a mobile app to log the suitcase’s movements, including when it’s been opened out of site. The Samsara Carry-on’s ergonomic design doubles as an on-the-go workstation, allowing travelers a way to avoid shared workspaces and maintain their distance during trips. The smart unit also provides a personal charging port free of malware or ransomware found in some public charging stations. The aluminum waterproof surface can easily be cleaned and sanitized, even on-the-go.

Samsara’s safety features are unparalleled with any smart suitcase on the market today. The updated Samsara phone app sends real-time notifications to customers when the suitcase is moving out of range or opened. Partnered with the two-separate built in combination locks, this suitcase was made to give travelers the peace of mind they want to enjoy their travels, whether for work or pleasure. Samsara smart Luggage

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