Samsara Launches Sales of Smart Suitcase Selection for the Tech Savvy Traveler

Samsara Luggage – who recently Signed a Merger Agreement with DAVC (OTC: DAVC) – is now available online

Samsara smart case has been made to anticipate the needs of the tech savvy traveler, turning every minute in the airport or hotel into 100% efficient, productive and enjoyable experience.

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Forbes & Newsweek described Samsara as: Forbes, “The Best Travel Tech”; Newsweek, “A smart suitcase that fictional British superspy James Bond—known for his love of quirky gadgets and high tech hardware—would surely snap up”.

Effortless Travel

Samsara was conceived to realize solutions that make travel an effortless experience, helping users maintain business and leisure online activities when on the go. With its clean cut and unique design the case serves as a desk and a charging port for laptops and mobile devices aiming to help users stay connected wherever they are.

Meets New Airline Regulations

New airline regulations require that batteries be removable upon arrival at the gate and in some cases, the airline might ask traveler to check in luggage. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or at planeside, all batteries must be removed and kept with the passenger’s carry on hence, the Samsara smart case has been  designed to allow for easy battery removal.

Light Weight

The Samsara smart case is made out of a special compound of aviation-grade aluminum that weighs 20% less than any other aluminum case in this category.

Security Features

To ensure the safety and security of the case and belongings at all times, below is the breakdown of all the safety and security features in the samsara smart case:

  • The hard-shell aluminum body covers is reinforced with not one but two separate combination locks making opening or breaking your locks a lot harder.
  • If the suitcase is taken out of your sight for any reason users will receive real time notifications to the phone app. The app will show the location on a map.
  • Get push notifications to direct to mobile if the suitcase is opened out of your sight.
  • All these smart features have been added to keep users relaxed and belongings secure while travelling.


Samsara’s forward-thinking creative team of engineers and designers deconstructed the essence of today’s travel and the result, is a unique combination of technology, design and efficiency. Samsara is a case that is: light, ultra-strong, highly durable, fireproof, recyclable and elegant.

Travel Necessities

Samsara added organizational bags into the product, including convenient packing bags, toiletry bag, garment bag and even a compact gym bag for those hoping to exercise during their trip.

Ergonomic Design

Samsara aims to provide the essentials to assist users with productivity  and remaining connected on the go:

  • Flat top surface that functions as a mobile desk for laptops
  • Unique and smooth wheel design that allows for extra storage space
  • Built-in LED lights to see the inside of your case in a dark environment
  • Built-in portable power bank, USB-C compatible, to recharge laptops and smartphones x 10

IoT Capabilities

The luggage case is fitted with a smart unit that connects to a mobile app, offering real time distance triggered notifications when the suitcase is being taken away or opened out of your sight.

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