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Salt presents revamped mobile portfolio

Salt announces today that the mobile subscriptions will be renewed from 18.03.2019. The biggest change concerns the World subscription, which now costs CHF 119.95. The "Swiss" subscription now contains more roaming data

Swiss operator Salt has introduced a revamped mobile portfolio. In mid-February the operator announced the first “everything unlimited” package for calls to and in the EU, the US and Canada on the Swiss market.

From February 12, 2019, Salt is offering a new version of the Plus Europe mobile plan. The most important change to the plan affects roaming allowances. Users now benefit from unlimited data roaming in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Formerly, the plan only included a 4-gigabyte data roaming allowance.

The plan now costs 89.95 Swiss francs per month – 95 centimes per month more than the pre-update price. However, Salt currently has a promotional offer by which new customers can get the plan for 69.95 francs per month instead of the standard 89.95 francs per month, with no minimum required term. Existing customers who are willing and able to extend their contract can migrate to the new mobile plan.

From 18 March, Salt Europe will be also available for customers under the age of 30 starting at CHF 79.95 per month, and new customers as well as existing ones who are renewing their subscriptions will be able to choose from Salt’s upgraded mobile portfolio: Start for CHF 19.95, Basic for CHF 34.95, Swiss for CHF 59.95, Europe for CHF 89.95 and World for CHF 119.95.

What’s changing about Salt’s new subscriptions?

The new subscription “Start” costs slightly more with CHF 19.95 instead of 19.-. The conditions remain the same. Calls to other Salt customers are still unlimited and 30 free minutes are available in other networks. The included data volume is still 1.5 GB. SMS / MMS are included for domestic use unlimited.

The new “Basic” will cost CHF 34.95 instead of CHF 39.-, resp. CHF 24.95 instead of CHF 29.- for under 30s cheaper. In Germany, 5 new data volumes are included instead of 3 GB. The subscription still offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS within Switzerland.

The new “Swiss” subscription costs CHF 59.95 instead of 59.-, resp. CHF 49.95 instead of CHF 49.- for under 30s slightly more. It still contains unlimited data volume as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS within Switzerland. It seems that the 60 free minutes from Switzerland to the EU / USA / Canada have been canceled in the new version. There are now 60 roaming minutes within the EU / USA / Canada. The roaming data volume in EU / USA / Canada has been increased from 200 to 500 MB per month. Now unlimited SMS / MMS can be sent in these countries.

There are no changes to the new Europe today, except that new under-30s will receive a discount of CHF 10.-. (Only recently has Salt on this subscription the Limitation of 4 GB roaming data volume canceled ) The subscription costs CHF 89.95. The subscription still contains unlimited calls, data, SMS / MMS within Switzerland, as well as within the EU / USA / Canada, as well as among each other.

There are some changes to the most expensive Salt subscription with the highest performance. New this offer “World” still CHF 119.95 instead of 179.-. In addition to unlimited services within Switzerland, it also includes unlimited calls, SMS / MMS and data within the EU / USA / Canada, as well as unlimited calls from Switzerland to the countries mentioned. In the previous version, the data within EU / USA / Canada are monthly at 4, resp. 5 GB limited, new unlimited. The new subscription “World” also contains a further 120 countries monthly 1 GB data volume, and 100 free minutes. Even from Switzerland, unlimited calls can be made to 160 countries.

Here, in addition to the subscription costs, the number of countries seems to have been reduced, because so far, a total of 200 countries were included, and there are 160 new ones.

Existing customers will stay with their current subscription. For a change to one of the new offers, a contract extension can be completed.

The new Salt subscriptions compared to Swisscom and Sunrise

Flatrate subscriptions for Switzerland
Anyone wishing to use unlimited services in Switzerland will pay the least with CHF 59.95 among the three network operators at Salt. Similar offers cost CHF 65 more at Swisscom and Sunrise. If the combination discount with internet home was considered, Sunrise would be cheaper with CHF 58.50 for the mobile subscription. However, there are even cheaper deals.

At Yallo, a similar offer costs CHF 58.- (often available as a promo for CHF 29.-) or at Wingo CHF 55.- (until 27.03 as a promo for CHF 25.- for the first 12 months). Sunrise offers the cheapest regular flat rate for Switzerland as a prepaid for CHF 40.-. Until and with Sunday the previous “Plus Swiss” from Salt is available for a promotional price of CHF 29.95.

Flatrate subscriptions for Switzerland and the EU
Unlimited use in Switzerland as well as in the EU is the cheapest option for Swisscom with “inOne Mobile Go” for CHF 80.- (CHF 60.- for under-27s or with an Internet subscription). The new “Europe” from Salt costs around CHF 10.-, or CHF 89.95 (79.95 for under-30s). 20.- more. With Sunrise, a similar subscription costs CHF 95.- (valid in the neighboring countries of Switzerland) or CHF 130.- (whole EU, as well as USA / Canada) a lot more, but offers the possibility to switch to it only for the holidays. Salt and Sunrise offer the advantage that the flatrate is valid not only in the EU, but also in the USA / Canada. These countries would also cost CHF 70.- from Swisscom. However, in most other countries outside the EU, Swisscom’s offer contains 100 MB of roaming data per month.

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