Salaam launches 4G internet services in Kabul

Salaam, a government-owned telecommunication company working under Afghan Telecom Company, started offering 4G internet services experimentally in the north of Kabul city, according to The company said that it will also invest another USD 20 million to promote internet services generally.

“We started 4G services now in the north of Kabul city. We have equipment that allows us to offer the services,” said Bashar Niazi, head of the Salaam company.

“We need some time to develop our system and to improve our services,” said Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, deputy head of Afghan Telecom company.

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi, acting minister of telecommunication and information technology said at the opening ceremony that efforts are underway to develop internet services.


According to Hashimi, better services requires more investment.

“Salaam started the service but has less coverage areas. We hope it will grow. The government tries to offer 4G services,” said Hashimi.

On the other hand, Kabul citizens complain about internet services.

“What we want, they don’t offer. In the past internet was good,” said Rafiullah, a Kabul resident.

“One issue is the quality of the internet’s services; more attention should be paid to it. Our neighbors have high quality internet services,” said Nimatullah, another Kabul resident.

This comes as the Salaam company has many times reduced its internet prices, but citizens always complain about the low-quality of internet.


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