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Ryanair moves infrastructure to AWS

Low-cost airline Ryanair is on course to go all-in on the Amazon Web Services public cloud, as part of its push to boost the agility and cost effectiveness of its operations


Dublin-headquartered European airliner Ryanair has revealed that it plans to close the vast majority of its data centres over the next three years.

Instead it plans to move its IT infrastructure entirely onto Amazon Web Services.

The move puts Ryanair on course to close the “vast majority” of its data centres over the next three years, as it strives to rebuild and replace its legacy systems with Amazon’s database, analytics and machine learning technologies.

The company said switching out its Microsoft SQL database for Amazon’s relational database engine, Aurora, will strip significant costs out of delivering its email marketing campaigns to 22 million subscribers across Europe.

“We’ve chosen to work with the world’s leading cloud to develop and deliver services that will transform our customers’ travel experiences. By rebuilding core applications, converting data into actionable insights, and creating intelligent applications, we are putting the solutions in place to continue our leadership in the travel industry,” said Ryanair’s CTO, John Hurley.

The company already runs several core production workloads in the AWS cloud, including its corporate website and hotel comparison site, Ryanair Rooms.

Ryanair is also known to be a sizeable user of the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), which houses a company-wide data lake that is subjected to real-time data analytics using the AWS Kinesis offering.

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