Ryanair warns customers over ‘fake’ Kiwi.com boarding passes

Ryanair warned customers it will not check in customers if they book through Kiwi.com and have a boarding pass issued by the OTA. ryanair boarding passes

The budget airline claims they are ‘fake’ boarding passes, even though they are identical to Ryanair’s own boarding passes except for Kiwi.com branding.

Ryanair asks customers ‘to retrieve an official boarding pass via Ryanair.com or on the Ryanair app.’

“It is an obligation under EU regulations that an airline informs passengers directly of all safety and security policies regarding their flight, Kiwi.com are circumventing this by checking passengers in and replacing the Ryanair Boarding Pass with a fake Boarding Pass issued by Kiwi.com,” said Ryanair’s Director of Marketing, Dara Brady.

“Any passenger presenting a Kiwi.com Boarding Pass will be refused boarding on Ryanair flights. If you made a booking through Kiwi.com we urge you to contact Kiwi.com to obtain the necessary Ryanair booking reference and email address so that you can complete check-in.”

Kiwi.com denies Ryanair accusations over fake boarding passes ryanair boarding passes

Kiwi.com says Ryanair is being petty and trying to limit customer choice.

“There is no such ‘fake’ boarding pass – Kiwi.com complies with all the requirements to ensure safe travel for our customers and have done so for years.  As well as providing customers with the Ryanair boarding pass we have also placed it on a Kiwi.com branded background – all the information is the same, just the colours are different,” the company said.

Under European Union regulations, it is mandatory passengers complete the official check-in process directly with an airline to ensure they are informed of all safety and regulatory protocols required when travelling.

“The real reason for this action is because Kiwi.com often sells Ryanair tickets cheaper than Ryanair and they don’t like it.  Ryanair’s behaviour is nothing short of cruel by putting profit ahead of consumer choice.”

They are ‘punishing travellers just because they don’t like competition’ Kiwi.com added.

“We will do everything in our power to support our customers through this despicable behaviour from Ryanair who are punishing travellers just because they don’t like competition.”

Kiwi.com is a Czech online travel agency founded by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi in 2012.

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