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Russian average budget mobile package price declines in April

The average price of the minimum package for mobile communications in April of this year decreased by 4% compared to August 2017 and amounted to 258 rubles per month in Russia, reports, citing a study by Content Review and Beeline.
In August 2017, the average cost of the minimum packet tariff, including mobile Internet from 1 GB and voice communication, was at the level of 268 rubles/m ; 15% above in comparison with October, 2016.
Reduction in cost by April 2018 analysts attributed to the fact that most federal operators in spring introduced tariff designers, which allow subscribers to change the set of services in the package, depending on the needs.
At the same time in Moscow, communication has become less affordable – the average minimum tariff since August 2017 increased by 8%, to 350 rubles. per month.
Thus, Moscow dropped to four positions and took the sixth place among the Russian regions in terms of accessibility of communication, depending on the average income of the population.