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TTK launches Wi-Fi network at 11 railway stations in Moscow

Until now, Wi-Fi was available on a small number of trains provided by Russian Railways. It can be provided in the Conference Cabin, Premium and Business Class on all “SAPSAN” trains running between Moscow and St. Petersburg, on “Alstom” trains between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, and on the Luxury Overnight Train “Grand Express” (for all travel classes). Find out more about Russia rail WIFi below.
Russian operator TTK, in cooperation with the state-owned railway carrier Russian Railways, has completed a pilot project on the launch of a seamless Wi-Fi network in 11 railway stations on D1 and D2 railway lines based in the city and region of Moscow.

This month. TransTeleCom Company  – TTK and Don State Technical University signed a contract for the provision of secure communication channels. Russia rail WIFi

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TransTeleCom’s solution will protect information during transmission over open communication channels, ensure confidentiality and data integrity. The company’s specialists will provide a comprehensive solution: from developing an intruder’s profile and selecting a protection class to providing a secure VPN.

The use of an information product from TransTeleCom, which provides VPN services with crypto protection at its facilities, is expedient from an economic point of view. The need to invest in equipment, obtain licenses, and maintain a staff of specialists in setting up and maintaining the information encryption system disappears.

“We have a long-standing partnership with DSTU. A number of TTK solutions are already working at the university, our specialists participate in the events of the university, share their experience and best practices with colleagues, study the needs and offer integrated solutions from the company’s product line,  ”said Vitaly Soloviev, director of the Caucasus macroregion of TransTeleCom. Russia rail WIFi

“For a university, information and the developments of its scientists are extremely expensive and unique data. We cannot tolerate their loss or uncontrolled transfer. Plus, there are requirements of the regulator represented by the state, which obliges to protect confidential information, personal data, state automated systems. Therefore, we opted for a large federal provider, the TransTeleCom company, which has the necessary competencies and specialists in the field of cryptographic protection of information,  ”added Andrey Mozgovoy, Vice-Rector for Strategic and Digital Development of DSTU.

Passenger numbers on Russian Railways up 60% in June 2021

According to the latest figures, the infrastructure owned by Russian Railway transported 96.3 million passengers in June 2021, 60% more than during the same month of the previous year.

The number of suburban passengers increased by 53% to 86.5 million, while long-distance passengers were up 2.8 times, rising from 3.5 million to almost 9.8 million people.

Passenger turnover in June 2021 amounted to 11.2 billion passenger-kilometres, almost 2.5 times more than in 2020. Suburban passenger turnover increased by almost 53% to 2.8 billion pass-km, while long-distance passenger turnover was up threefold to 8.4 billion pass-km.

In January-June 2021, a total of 503.9 million passengers travelled, up 32% compared to January-June 2020. Suburban passengers were up 31% to 461.7 million, while long-distance passengers rose to 42.2 million, an increase of 42%. Russia rail WIFi

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