Rostelecom to introduce payments using facial recognition next month

Russian national operator Rostelecom plans to enable payments for goods and services in shops using facial recognition, reports Vedomosti citing two sources close to the project.


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It is expected to become available in October.

Rostelecom is the operator of the Single Biometric System, which was launched in July of 2018.

Sberbank, the main Rostelecom competitor in the collection of biometrics, is also preparing to introduce payment by face. The bank described in detail in the terms of settlements with retail outlets updated on June 20 (posted on the bank’s website) how the buyer can pay without a card where biometric terminals are installed.

You can link your biometric data (fingerprint or face image) with a Sberbank card directly in a store equipped with special equipment. While the bank is conducting such experiments on the ABC of Taste network, it does not disclose plans for distributing the service.

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