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Romanian roaming data traffic grew 6 times

Romanian mobile phone-based internet users’ monthly data usage rose 106 percent year-on-year in 2017 to 1.36GB, according to data from telecommunications authority Ancom. romania roaming data


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Most mobile internet connections, 17.3 million or 85 percent, are used over a mobile telephone upon payment of a subscription or of a dedicated internet add-on.
Mobile internet users provided through a modem/card/USB consumed on average 2.5 GB per month (up 43 percent), but their number keeps declining and reaching 1.9 million.
Following Roaming Like At Home roaming since June 15, 2017, the use of roaming services has seen exponential growth in 2017.
Call traffic tripled (from 0.5 billion minutes in 2016 to 1.5 billion in 2017), incoming calls increased by + 81% (up to 2 billion minutes), SMS traffic increased by +58 %, and data traffic grew 6 times, reaching 5,811 TB in 2017.

Fixed Internet Evolution romania roaming data

According to ANCOM statistics, the total number of fixed Internet connections in Romania reached 4.8 million at the end of 2017, registering an annual growth of 7%. Through these, total traffic of 5.1 million TB was achieved in 2017, while the average monthly consumption per connection was 92 GB. 

The number of fiber optic connections almost doubled (+ 94%) to 1.1 million. In fact, most fixed Internet connections (67%) allow speeds of at least 100Mbps, 11% between 30-100Mbps, 13% between 10-30Mbps, and only 9% connections up to 10Mbps.

The fixed Internet penetration rate of 100 households was 58% , up 4 percentage points annually.

The Romanian telecommunications market had several key players offering roaming data traffic services, including:

  1. Orange Romania: Orange is one of the largest mobile network operators in Romania, and offers a range of roaming packages for data traffic both within the European Union (EU) and in other countries.
  2. Vodafone Romania: Vodafone is another major mobile network operator in Romania, and offers various roaming packages for data traffic both within the EU and outside of it.
  3. Telekom Romania: Telekom is a large telecommunications company in Romania, offering mobile, fixed-line, and internet services. The company also provides roaming packages for data traffic within the EU and beyond.


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