Swedish bank rolls out biometric payment cards – Rocker Touch

Customers of Swedish bank Rocker can now apply for a biometric payment card that allows them to authenticate payments of any amount with their fingerprint rather than using a PIN. rocker biometric card

The bank is rolling out its Rocker Touch biometric card as a “premium product” that is certified by Visa and Mastercard, “will work seamlessly with any payment terminal” and is “Sweden’s first payment card that senses your fingerprint”.

As a challenger to the big banks, we are constantly testing new technology to develop simpler and smarter financial services that help consumers in everyday life. The biometric cards are part of our strategy to offer smart payment solutions regardless of platform. The cards make it easier for consumers because you no longer need to enter or remember a PIN code for payments, says Andreas Norberg, head of Save and Pay at Rocker.

Tens of thousands of consumers in over 13 countries have beta-tested biometric cards and among them a customer satisfaction of 95 percent is noted. In a global market survey *, 76 percent state that they are interested in biometric payment cards and 81 percent are ready to use their fingerprints for verification instead of a PIN code.

rocker biometric card

We are moving more and more towards mobile payments, but we see that there is still a very high demand for physical payment cards among our customers. If your mobile discharges or you lose it, you need a card to be able to pay. In addition, the biometric card opens up more possibilities than just using it as a debit card. In the future, there are all the prerequisites for using the card to unlock the door to your home, office or to start the car, says Andreas Norberg.

The card is extremely secure because the payments are authorized via an embedded fingerprint sensor. Biometric data is stored in the chip and thus never leaves the card.

There is always a risk with codes and passwords, especially if you use the same in several places, the biometric imprint is incredibly difficult to falsify. This is how debit cards will look like in the future, says Andreas Norberg.

The biometric card is one of Rocker’s premium products and is offered as an option in Rocker’s growing range of financial services for individuals.

Rocker Touch is developed in collaboration with the world-leading card manufacturer IDEMIA. IDEX Biometrics has delivered the high-tech biometric sensor solution. The card is certified by Visa and Mastercard and can thus be used in card terminals around the world.

This groundbreaking solution meets customers’ needs by working seamlessly with all payment terminals and without an amount limit. We are pleased to work with Rocker and IDEMIA to contribute to smarter and more secure card payments for this innovative technology, says Catharina Eklöf, Chief Commercial Officer at IDEX Biometrics. rocker biometric card


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