Roaming traffic is quadrupled last year, reports Telia Lithuania

Telia Lithuania said foreign visitors from more than 110 countries reap the benefits of the operator’s 4G network.
Since the EU’s Roam Like At Home regulations entered force last year, foreign customers using mobile roaming in Lithuania are using almost four times as much traffic as in the 2016 tourism season, at about 170 terabytes altogether.
The most active browsers are from the UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Finland and Estonia.
In terms of data growth, the biggest surprise was brought by guests from the Netherlands and Portugal – compared with 2016, they sent 16 times more data in Lithuania last summer. The second growth result was demonstrated by the customers of the UK and Ireland operators – their data consumption in Lithuania increased 11 times.
According to Telia, not only the inhabitants of the EU, but also travelers from the USA, Canada, Israel and other countries of the world are particularly active in Lithuania. “Although the biggest part of mobile data in Lithuania is eaten by visitors coming from Europe, while visiting high-quality, fast mobile Internet we also enjoy exotic visitors from China, Japan or even further countries,” he says.
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