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Roaming Solutions for Businesses and Frequent Travelers

Choose the best international SIM card for your travels and your business: No roaming, no swapping SIM cards


Communication is an essential component of any organization. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the most secure, convenient and stable means of communication

Often allegations have surfaced regarding several big mobile carriers. These complaints were related to international roaming services, which caught many by surprise.

Basically, thousands of clients have received messages or calls telling them due to the fact that they have been abusing international roaming on their plans, these carriers were going to ban them from continuing to get cellular service with the aforementioned companies.

Since quite a few of the people encountering that situation specifically sought out mobile service plans which would be travel-friendly, and have been previously assured that roaming shouldn’t really be an issue, there’s been some confusion and distress caused by this.


How did the companies define what “excessive roaming” was?

In short, if one were to use more than 50% of their voice or data off-network for an extended period of time’, that would qualify for a cancellation of that users cellular service.

Many have suspected that it had been a poorly worded and recent addition to the regulations, but believe it or not – this exact thing has appeared in several mobile carrier services contracts since 2008-2010, and no one seems to have brought it up before.

With all that being said, how do these cases can actually benefit the market and the consumer?

Well, when people start noticing these blatant cases of neglect or total compliance with the things that are making the client’s lives more inconvenient, they also search for alternatives.

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There is a big market of alternative smaller cell phone carrier services that are going to suit any particular needs of the individual, but most of people tend to stick to what is most familiar and get too comfortable to notice when those service providers stop making financial and practical sense.

When it comes to travel-friendly carriers that also accommodate businesses operating cross-country, Alertify is the leading global mobile service provider that can provide a lot of thought and effort to making roaming as straightforward and affordable as possible.


Travel the world with a single SIM card and start using it as soon as you land

For instance, when someone looks at an average cost per minute, it is dramatically lower, and Alertify also provides:

  • Feel at home all over the world. With Alertify there are no roaming charges. Save up to 95% when traveling overseas

  • UNLIMITED FREE CALLS AND SMS – Scroll through your contacts in the BNESIM app and call or text your  friends for free wherever they are

  • reliable 3G and LTE data abroad in over 170 countries with cost-effective national plans and we offer flat data rates valid in 64 Worldwide Internet Home Countries
  • receive all the calls on your mobile for free – even when you are abroad
  • Alertify allowance doesn’t expire, just top-up your credit every six months to keep your account active

.All of that comes as one package in a single payment and no hidden fees or ‘top-ups’ for additional data.

In the current market where the biggest players make less of an effort to keep the old and win over the new clients, it makes so much sense to use alternative carriers alongside, or even instead of the main mobile service provider – to travel comfortably, manage business calls abroad effectively, while saving money at the same time, and Alertify provides that alternative.

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