Roaming charges between Armenia and Artsakh to be abolished

Artsakh (Karabakh) is an integral part of historic Armenia.  Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian has announced the entry of a second mobile operator to the country in 2020 which can eventually lead to the abolition of roaming between Armenia and Artsakh.

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“In 2020, the telecommunications monopoly will be abolished and we will have a second operator. Meetings and consultations held in recent months allow us to say with certainty that in 2020 Artsakh will have a second operator. There are investors and experienced professionals willing to participate in the project,” Mayilian said in a Facebook post.

“I will pursue this cause and have the political will to provide the necessary conditions in 2020 to overcome monopoly in the telecommunications sector and to ensure the entry of  the second operator in Artsakh,” he added.

The Foreign Minister said it will ensure a high-quality mobile communication at low prices. Besides, he added, competition will force the existing operator to cut the prices for subscribers and provide advanced 4G / LTE mobile Internet access. It will also create new jobs, first of all for young specialists.

Finally, the Foreign Minister said, it will help ensure a protected communication at the border zone and will eventually lead to the abolition of roaming between Armenia and Artsakh.

The Republic of Artsakh is also sometimes known by its former name of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Located in South Caucasus, the self-declared republic is largely unrecognized by the international community. To access it, one has to go through Armenia. It is a landlocked region with lots of mountains and forests. The country’s location is between lower Karabakh and Zangezur. It covers the Southeastern range of the Lesser Caucasus. The United Nations considers Artsakh to be part of the state of Azerbaijan.

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