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Carrier & Wholesale Department is the only partner you need to run your business on a global scale smoothly and reliably. etisalat global carrier

Etisalat Global Carrier – One stop shop for GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY

By the virtue of being Region’s No 1, Etisalat’s C&WS team offers superior quality Wholesale services portfolio to Mobile operators, carriers and ISPs for Global reach.

The ecosystem of C&WS encompasses region’s most extensive International network that links 160 international carriers with its international mobile network reaching over 800 plus destinations.

Being the largest internet, mobile and regional hub for intercontinental cable systems, C&Ws holds a distinction of providing national wholesale services to UAE’s competitive market.

Etisalat Global Carrier Services: etisalat global carrier

Data Services

Etisalat data services run through the largest internet hub and intercontinental cable systems in the MENA region. Etisalat ensures innovative solutions for carriers and content providers who are looking for a reliable colocation and connectivity infrastructure with resilient capacity, IP, internet and Ethernet exchange services in the Middle East.

Mobile & Roaming

With more than 780 mobile partners, Etisalat mobility services offers a multilateral roaming service and enable a one-stop shop to mobile customers around the world.

Signalling services & VAS

Etislat is a one-stop shop for mobile operators, enabling 2/3G roaming services with global reach for more than 700 mobile operators along with value-added services.

Voice Services

With some of the world’s most demanding service providers as Etisalat’s clients, Etisalat has specially designed Voice, meeting the needs for high-quality worldwide voice termination.
Voice enables call termination to more than 650 international destinations, with benchmark call completion and duration standards. Etisalat routes are constantly monitored and proactively managed 24/7.
Carrier & Wholesale Services provide the largest comprehensive global network in the region with its over 160 direct connections.
Flexible customer connectivity is available in the UAE or via Etisalat POPs in London, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and soon in Frankfurt.


Satellite Services

Etislat is extending the broadcasters’ reach nationally, regionally and globally with Etisalat managed VSAT services with multiple VSAT earth stations and satellite coverage across the globe over different bands and etisalat broadcast hub.
You can also count on Etisalat with antenna and telecom infrastructure hosting, space segment, multiple encryption options and telecom services, including internet, connectivity and voice services.

Be a Game Changer and Fast Track your Digital Evolution with Etisalat’s Service on Demand…

Businesses in the digital era are looking for a network infrastructure that offers secure connectivity, scalability, and flexibility to establish robust customer connections, protect their data security and keep up the reputation while keeping costs under control. SD-WAN by Etisalat is designed to support the digital transformation plans of your business by offering a smart platform for a bird’s eye view of your entire network as it scales.





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