Roaming agreement of Etisalat with “Karabakh Telecom” cancelled

Thanks to the measures taken by Azerbaijan’s Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, the roaming agreement of the UAE mobile operator Etisalat with “Karabakh Telecom”, illegally providing services in Azerbaijan’s territories occupied by Armenia, has been cancelled, Hikmat Hajiyev, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told APA.

The spokesman noted that Armenia, in violation of the guidelines of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), also applies the international code +374 reserved for itself to the occupied Azerbaijani territories, and thus illegally interferes with Azerbaijan’s radio and telecommunication space and radio frequencies.

“Despite the fact that the International Telecommunication Union is responsible for the distribution of mobile codes and mobile network codes, “Karabakh Telecom”, in violation of ITU’s Guideline No. E.212, applies “283” country code and “04” mobile network to the occupied Azerbaijani territories,” Hajiyev said.

“Karabakh Telecom” is also mentioned in corruption cases recently initiated in Armena, Hajiyev stressed.

“In accordance with international law and guidelines of the International Telecommunication Union, as well as corporative business ethics, roaming cooperation between “Karabakh Telecom”, which illegally operates in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, and other international mobile operators will be ceased,” he added.

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