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Ring Car Connect Will Work With Tesla’s Sentry Mode

Ring, Amazon’s home security brand, has announced its new home security line which includes an autonomous indoor drone which can give users a view of any location in their home without the need for multiple cameras. ring car connect

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The Always Home Cam is set to be available in 2021 and can be  scheduled to fly preset paths throughout your home. To help ensure user privacy, the drone cannot be manually flown and only begins recording once in flight. It also produces an audible hum when in use to alert anyone present that it is recording.

Ring is also launching a new car product, Ring Car Connect, that will work with Tesla’s Sentry Mode. Tesla’s sentry mode is an integrated surveillance system inside Tesla’s vehicles using the autopilot cameras around the car. The system detects when someone approaches the car and begins recording. Once installed, Ring Car Connect will allow users to view Tesla Sentry Mode footage as well as dashcam footage from anywhere via the Ring app.

Ring Car Connect for Tesla is an aftermarket security upgrade for Tesla cars that allows you to watch and download recorded footage from the cameras located around you vehicle. Ring Car Connect will allow you to use the Ring App to view all vehicle camera angles for both Sentry Mode and footage captured while driving. Previously, Tesla owners had to manually retrieve this footage via USB drive.

What is Ring Car Connect for Tesla?

Ring Car Connect is an aftermarket security upgrade for Tesla that allows users to take advantage of Tesla’s Sentry Mode to record video from all around the car and receive real-time updates (with an optional Ring connectivity plan) when new footage is available.

RingCar Connect will notify customers when Tesla Sentry Mode has recorded an event. Tesla Sentry Mode can be triggered by motion around the vehicle, dents, or even break-ins. LTE (with an optional Ring connectivity plan) allows users to view their Tesla’s videos from anywhere via the Ring App and quickly take appropriate action if needed.

What is Tesla Sentry Mode? 
Sentry Mode is a feature of Tesla vehicles that continuously monitors the environment around a car when it’s left unattended. When enabled, Sentry Mode records video around the car.

Does this require a subscription? 
No. You can access video stored locally on the car via the Ring app when the car is within range of wifi. With an optional Ring connectivity plan, you can access recorded video from anywhere via LTE.

What Tesla models does this work with? 
Ring Car Connect is compatible with all Tesla Models built after August 2017 with Autopilot, which includes models 3, X, S, and Y.

Can I access the Live View of my car at any time?
No. Ring Car Connect enables access to recorded video, but does not support real-time Live View.

Can I buy this already installed in my Tesla? 
No. This is an aftermarket security upgrade exclusively from Ring.

How do I install it in my Tesla? 
Installing RingCar Connect is easy – you simply plug it into your Tesla’s USB hub.

Will I receive notifications in real time? 
Yes, if your device is within range of wifi, or you are subscribed to an optional Ring connectivity plan, you will be alerted about Sentry Mode events and alarms.

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