Return to monthly bills saves Italian consumers EUR 21 a year

If, as widely expected, Italian operators are required to return to billing fixed line customers on a 30-day rather than a 28-day basis, the resulting savings will be around EUR 21 a year, according to a study by price comparison site Sos Tariffe.
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The average cost of a fibre or ADSL bill would amount to EUR 332 a year if the change is enforced, some 6.4 percent lower than the average price of EUR 354 for bills charged from February 2016 to March 2017. Last month, Sos Tariffe reported that the average monthly price of a landline including ADSL or fibre in Italy has soared by 29.4 percent.

Comparison between today’s ADSL tariffs and prices prior to the introduction of renewals every 4 weeks also shows an average increase in fees of 10.1%. Consequently, the thirteenth month in the fixed telephony sector has resulted in extra spending for families of 31 Euros per year. Prior to the introduction of the renewals every four weeks, the average spending for fixed telephony was 321 Euros. To date, as mentioned above, this value is 354 Euros.

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It is important to point out that a monthly billing return with locked up prices would not restore the state of the fixed telephony market to the period prior to the introduction of renewals every 4 weeks. As a matter of fact, the average annual Internet subscription cost would be even higher than 11 Euros with a difference of + 3.5% compared to what users would pay before the 28-day tariffs were introduced.

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