Republic Wireless taps iPass to offer global Wi-Fi to customers

iPass Inc., a leading provider of global mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi calling leader Republic Wireless today announced a new partnership

iPass and Republic Wireless entered into a new partnership under which Republic Wireless’ hundreds of thousands of customers get access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots through iPass’ network nationwide.
Republic Wireless made this possible by integrating intelligent Wi-Fi connectivity into its mobile app with the iPass SmartConnect Software Development Kit (SDK).
This will provide connectivity to all Republic Wireless My Choice customers, removing the need to re-enter usernames and passwords when connecting to different Wi-Fi hotspots.

The service is available to Republic customers on the My Choice plan today through the Republic Wireless mobile app.

“We are always looking for new ways to give our members the best connectivity options possible, while packing greater value into their cell phone plans,” said Chris Chuang, chief executive officer of Republic Wireless. “We view this partnership as a way to further enhance our offering, and through offload, we will be able to further reduce our network costs – passing those savings on to our members to achieve one of the lowest per GB cellular data costs on the market. Members looking to expand their coverage and save cellular data through Wi-Fi will now be able to easily connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, hotels, airports and millions of other locations nationwide. As always, Republic Wireless technology will work seamlessly in the background, combining Wi-Fi and cellular data where possible to serve as backup for one another. This ensures calling, texting, and data is always working over the network that provides the best quality at any given time.”

“This partnership highlights how MVNOs can expand their services in a cost-effective manner using our SmartConnect SDK,” said Patricia Hume, COO at iPass. “We are delighted to be working with Republic Wireless to strengthen its customer Wi-Fi offering.”

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