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Reliable internet, more space top priorities when moving, new study reveals

Verizon released findings of a new survey of people who moved homes during the pandemic. The Verizon Movers Study, based on a Morning Consult survey of USA residents who have recently moved, shows more than half those relocating wanted to live in an area with better infrastructure for fast home and cellular internet. reliable internet usa

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With the rise in adoption of the distributed workforce and the ability for individuals to relocate to new areas, the study shows a continued and sustained move between urban, metro, and rural markets, giving rise to the need for accessible, reliable, fast home Internet. Verizon recently expanded offerings for 5G Home internet – now available in more than 900 cities across the U.S. Over the past 2 years over 9.9 million Verizon customers have requested address changes, with more than 3 million moving between states.

“With more people on the move actively selecting their next home based on home internet capabilities, our 5G Home Internet is ideal for those looking for something ultra simple, ultra fast and at an amazing value,” said Frank Boulben, Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Consumer Group. “With 5G Home Internet, LTE Home Internet and our award-winning Fios, we’ll quickly become THE home Internet provider across the US.”

Who’s moving in the US and why

The survey of recent movers in the US reveals:

  • Seven in 10 recent movers say access to broadband internet was an important factor in their home search after they decided to move and more than half say access to a 5G network was an important factor.
  • Those who’ve moved are more likely now compared to prior to their move to own and live in a single-family home.
  • Among US adults who’ve moved in the past 18 months, 44% report living in a home, condo, or apartment they own, representing an 8-point increase from 36% who owned their home prior to their most recent move.
  • A slight majority of recent movers (51%) say they currently live in a single-family home, representing a 5-point increase from 46% who lived in a single-family home prior to their most recent move.
  • Three in 4 movers remained within their state but those working in a hybrid or remote format were more likely to have moved states compared to those working in person (31% vs. 18%).
  • More than half of recent movers wanted to live in an area with better infrastructure for fast home internet (52%) and reliable cellular service (54%).
  • 34% of study respondents said that installation of new broadband connectivity took over 2 hours.

Verizon offers more choice for home Internet in more places

Verizon gives people more choice for home internet in more places with expansion of Verizon’s 5G Home Internet, Fios and LTE Home Internet. 5G Home Internet, which covers 30 million households around the country, offers customers a new wireless home internet option that turns the 5G Ultra Wideband signal outside of your home into Wi-Fi that powers devices in your home. Set up is as simple as plug and play. There are no annual contracts, extra fees, data overages or equipment charges. Customers can choose from two plans: 5G Home or 5G Home Plus, with lots of perks included. Verizon customers can get 50 percent off if you’re on one of Verizon’s new 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited plans and have Auto Pay. reliable internet usa


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