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Turn your phone or tablet screen into a reading lamp with this app

It is a well known fact that one needs light to read. Furthermore, let’s face it, most of us just lack reading lights. Perhaps the one you already own is broken; they appear to be constructed of glass and chewing gum from long ago. However, you most likely already have something with a built-in light: a smartphone. reading lamp app

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Yellow light has a warm glow that is more relaxing on the eyes and is the best option for nighttime reading. In contrast, computer monitors and even smartphones will have a bluish tone to them.

With the Ad-Free Reading Lamp, you can convert your mobile device’s screen into a reading lamp for when there is not adequate light or it is too bright.

Depending on the need, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted in intensity, and it is also possible to choose from a wide range of colors and tones.

Settings are accessible outside of the main application to prevent undue changes from being made.

The warm light of 2,500 to 3,000 K will help you relax while reading and rest better after that. The natural light of 4,900 to 6,500 K is the best solution for eyes that allows comfortable work. The cold light of 6,500 K offers an excellent level of brightness and improves overall attention.

Ad-Free Reading Lamp is free, and unlike most apps with the same purpose, it has no ads. It is available for Android devices from the Play Store. reading lamp app

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